Maurice Cameron

We are delighted to have Maurice Cameron, University of MD, Medical Center, Diversity & Inclusion, Vendor Engagement Manager as our speaker.

November 17, 2022  5:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Merriweather Lakehouse Hotel
10209 Wincopin Circle
Columbia, Maryland 21044

A social justice and equity-minded herald and strategic waymaker for undervalued, underestimated, and underrepresented people.


Maurice Cameron is the Manager of Diversity and Inclusion, Supplier Diversity and Strategic Sourcing/Vendor Engagement Manager for the University of Maryland Medical System (UMMS). In his current role, Maurice works system-wide with internal UMMS procurement officers, senior level UMMS stakeholders, and other notable UMMS decision makers.

Maurice provides strategic support to Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprises (MWBEs) and fosters his connection with them so their value-based products and services can be experienced by the UMMS community. Maurice focuses on building greater proximity with MWBEs by his development and implementation of innovative MWBE outreach, ensuring they have sufficient notice regarding upcoming UMMS Requests for Proposals (RFPs), sharing business and networking opportunities with them, as well as ensuring they have ongoing coaching and mentorship.


Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Maurice began cultivating his longstanding social justice background and lifelong quest for justice and equity for historically disenfranchised communities at a very young age.

He has since become a staunch advocate for transformative entrepreneurial development for low-income communities, business investment, scaling of local MWBEs, workforce development, and hiring of local residents. Maurice is especially interested in heralding the efforts and progress of individuals representing Black and Brown communities as they overcome decades of discriminatory institutional barriers.


Maurice's unique, multidimensional background has been built from the ground-up over the past 30-plus years. Prior to joining UMMS, Maurice supported the Massachusetts Department of Correction’s efforts to cultivate the most diverse and inclusive professional workforce by working with hiring managers system-wide to ensure a fair and equitable hiring process. During this time, he coached managers and employees regarding the full-range of employee-centered issues, worked to develop a leadership program, and oversaw its mentorship program.

Equally impressive, Maurice has worked at several major institutions of higher education in Massachusetts; among them are Berklee College of Music and Suffolk University Law School. While at Suffolk University Law School, Maurice served as the Associate Director of Admissions, with a national focus on the recruitment of AHANA students. Additionally, he has served as an Assistant City Manager in Prince George’s County and as the Director for the District of Columbia Housing Authority’s Housing Choice Voucher Program.


Maurice’s people-centered accomplishments run far and deep. He has been acknowledged by countless public officials, educators, members of the clergy, and top administrative officials, for his dedicated work in the areas of higher education, housing, multiple social justice issues, and supporting community development and entrepreneurial exploration for historically disenfranchised and marginalized demographics.

In short, Maurice has been awarded numerous awards and citations over the past 30-plus years. He has also served as a licensed booking agent and promoter representing the jazz medium.


Maurice’s life journey is a commitment to equity, justice and truth for the people of the planet. He embraces one of Kwame Nkrumah’s famous sayings:  “I personally am not trying to escape poverty; I am trying to eradicate poverty.”


He is a proud product of the Boston Public School System, Morgan State University, and The City University of New York School of Law, where he was graduated and earned his Juris Doctor degree.

Maurice's Words of Positive Motion:

"Time is the only thing you cannot get back in this life’s journey. It's precious. Don't waste it."